Student Projects

Over the course of my studies at the University of Mainz, I wrote many different papers, which have been graded.1 Here, I provide all term papers written during my master’s studies as well as all my final theses.

Final Theses

My undergraduate theses, which completed my studies in Political Science and Communication Science, are written in German. My master’s thesis in Empirical Democracy Research is written in English.

  • Sprang, T. (2024) ‘Pick Your Poison — Policy Payoff Proportionality in European Government Coalitions’. Master’s thesis in Empirical Democracy Research. Supervisor: Armin Schäfer. Grade: 1.0.2
  • Sprang, T. (2020) ‘Mit ZwinkerSmiley ins Europäische Parlament — Eine inhaltsanalytische Betrachtung des Europawahlkampfs der PARTEI über Facebook’. Bachelor’s thesis in Communication Science. Supervisor: Marcus Maurer. Grade: 2.3. [DOWNLOAD]
  • Sprang, T. (2019) ‘Oase in der autokratischen Wüste — Der unwahrscheinliche Fall der mongolischen Demokratie’. Bachelor’s thesis in Political Science. Supervisor: Sven Hillen. Grade: 2.7. [DOWNLOAD]

Term Papers

All of my term papers are written in German.

  • Sprang, T. (2023) ‘Opposition ist Mist — Um welchen Preis regieren radikalere Parteien?’. Supervisor: Armin Schäfer. Grade: 1.0.3 [DOWNLOAD]
  • Sprang, T. (2023) ‘Zwischen den Zeilen — Zum Effekt von Mediensystemen auf Ungleichheitseinstellungen’. Supervisor: Sascha Huber. Grade: 1.0. [DOWNLOAD]
  • Sprang, T. (2022) ‘Ungleiche Resilienz — Zum Einfluss ökonomischer Ungleichheit auf die Resilienz politischer Systeme’. Supervisor: Sascha Huber. Grade: 1.0. [DOWNLOAD]
  • Sprang, T. (2022) ‘Zählt, wer was wählt? — Eine ergebnisorientierte Analyse des Regierungseinflusses auf die Umverteilung’. Supervisor: Armin Schäfer. Grade: 1.0. [DOWNLOAD]
  • Sprang, T. (2022) ‘Demokratie, Ungleichheit und die Quadratur des Kreises’. Supervisor: Johannes Kessler. Grade: 1.0. [DOWNLOAD]
  • Sprang, T. (2022) ‘Erklärungsfaktoren menschlichen Verhaltens — Persönlichkeitseigenschaften oder Situation? Überlegungen anhand des Stanford Prison Experiments und der Milgram-Experimente’. Supervisor: Siegfried Schumann. Grade: 1.3. [DOWNLOAD]
  1. In the German educational system, 1.0 represents the best possible grade. 5.0 is the lowest possible grade. ↩︎
  2. The thesis will soon be made available here. ↩︎
  3. This term paper was written as a part of the project module, which also requires students to orally present and discuss their project in a conference-like setting in front of members and students of the department. The project was awarded with inclusion to the department’s recently created Best of Project collection. A short summary can therefore be found on the department’s webpage (in German). Here, you can also find information on the great project on gendered participatory inequality by Ali Abo Hamoud, Jessica Haak, Anna Lopatina, and Vivien Reining. ↩︎